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Who We Are?

Ribbon Expressions, inc. The company is a Florida (S) Corp.
We are family owned and operated in Jacksonville, Florida since 2013. We design and manufacture uniquely designed personalized media greetings and keepsake gifts called (ERibbons).

Our desired passion is to provide consumers the perfect platform to share their personalized thoughts or expressions and/or share their news, talents and gifts with others. Our products are designed and hand crafted in the USA. We are committed to an uncompromising goal of changing the way people share greetings, photos, music, video, talents and the Gospel.

What We Are Doing?

We make hand crafted “ERibbons,” formally a globally recognized symbol of hope, Now re-engineered as a multi media video frame.

We have a variety of custom designed products that are Ideal Gifts for most any occasion. They are made to give a lasting impression, that will be cherished for life, and maybe help fill someones life with cheer, luaghter and thoughtful inspirations

Each Hand Crafted with care

The care and attention to detail makes your ERibbon all the more personal, when the recipient realizes it has been handcrafted and assembled by hard working men and women in the USA.

Most all our designs can be personalized and embellished to meet your desires.