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Thoughtful Expressions!!

The Flat-out truth about Greeting Cards, Flowers, Emails, Chats & Texts!!!!!

While all of these Greeting Gestures have proven to be effortless, convenient and repetitive by common simplistic uses of society they are boring. Added with the fact that all of the aforementioned greetings offer no unique identity in its intentional gifting.

Now that the truth has been disclosed, lets discover a truly unique and personal way to share or express your Thoughts, Emotions, Inspirations or celebratory greetings.

Introducing “E ribbons” digital video frames and Keepsakes.
Brought to you by Ribbon Expressions;

Eribbons are the most cleverly designed video frames created for the unique and treasured personalized content that anyone would want to share or preserve for any special occasions.
The ease of use will allow the consumer an unparallel experience in storing and sharing their desired content.

The affordability of Eribbons makes it a timeless keepsake gift that will be Received with heartfelt emotions because its content is uniquely Yours!!

With your very own Eribbon “We make it Personal”!


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